Few industries are as regulated as health care.  FHA supports reasonable regulation that balances the need for oversight with an awareness of the patient care and financial cost of burdensome and duplicative requirements.

2023 Legislative Priorities

  1. Prevent unnecessary regulations that detract from hospitals’ mission of providing the highest quality of care.
  2. Examine and repeat existing regulations that are inconsistent with legislative intent or do not serve a beneficial purpose for patients or providers.

Audio-Only Telehealth Coverage

Use of telehealth increased significantly during the pandemic, with the loosening of federal and state restrictions on coverage of telehealth services. Patients increasingly rely on virtual consultations with their health care providers for diagnosis and treatment of physical and behavioral health conditions.

FHA supports continuing Medicare and Medicaid coverage of audio-only telehealth services beyond the public health emergency.

Standing Tall for Florida’s Hospitals

Hospital Days was at the Florida Capitol | March 15-16, 2023