by Steven Carr


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The Joint Budget Conference just released its final HHS offer for the 2023-24 State Budget. The House came to an agreement on the latest Senate offer that provides an additional $247.7 million to Florida Hospitals, of which $100 million is General Revenue. Additionally, the House agreed to the $76.1 million, of which $31 million is General Revenue, being allocated towards the Pediatric Physician rate increase. These additional resources are substantial and reflect the critical role that Florida’s hospitals and providers have in our state’s landscape.

Rural Hospitals will have access to $10 million in the Rural Hospital Capital Improvement Fund that will stabilize these facilities and invest in our rural communities. This has been a priority of the Florida Hospital Association and highlights our commitment to the role rural hospitals play in the continuum of care across the State of Florida. We appreciate the unified voice that the FHA membership has lent to this critical issue for the future of health care in Florida.

The 2023-24 State Budget will include an additional $76 million to fund hospital rate enhancements for the care of complex Pediatric cases as well as an additional non-recurring $54.3 million, of which $22 million is General Revenue to Florida’s standalone Specialty Children’s Hospitals. More broadly, legislators demonstrated their commitment to solving the workforce challenges in the state by providing an additional $61.5 million to the existing Statewide Medicaid Residency Program, $30 million for the newly created Slots for Docs program and $15 million for other State GME programs.

As of now, we are still anticipating the Joint Appropriations Committee to finalize implementing, conforming, and proviso language that will finish the budget.

As we work collectively, Florida Hospitals have been incredibly successful this year in showcasing the value of our institutions and that investments in our industry will create better health care and a stronger Florida. We are incredibly grateful for the leadership in the Legislature for their commitment to ensuring the long-term success of Florida’s health care system. FHA will continue to keep you updated through this budget process and advocate on your behalf. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Mary C. Mayhew
President & CEO
Florida Hospital Association

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